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Bridgewell is an executive search and interim boutique, specialised in finding executives and professionals in the range from Euro 100,000. Our unique deep functional expertise sets us apart from the others. We focus on executive positions in Finance and Information Technology.

We are an independent market leader with a proven track record of over 850 lasting placements and a network of over 45,000 well documented executives. The founders of Bridgewell already had succesful careers with various international stock quoted search firms before starting Bridgewell in 2016.

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Why choose Bridgewell


Bridgewell is an acknowledged market leader. It’s our strong belief that it takes a specialist to find executives and professionals. Bridgewell is this specialist.

Honesty and discretion

We are honest and discreet. Our methods are registered and approved by the "College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens" in The Hague. We adhere to the "Sollicitatiecode" of the NVP and are GDPR compliant.

Founders mentality

Bridgewell is an independently owned, not stock-quoted, organisation. We do not depend on events of the day, our share price or intermediate financial or kpi reporting. Our focus lies with successfully helping our clients with the assignment on hand in a qualitative and lasting way.

Track record

We have a proven successful track record. Since our start in 2006 we have succesfully concluded over 850 searches. Since 2016 we have been voted one of the best executive search agencies annually in the MT1000 survey of MT/Sprout magazine.


Our consultants' aim is to provide added value and personal attention in everything they do. We happily share are indepth market knowledge with our clients and candidates. This has led to our unsurpassed client satisfaction.

Relationally driven

Bridgewell is driven by relations and not by transactions. The better we understand our clients and candidates, the better we can help them.


At Bridgewell we take responsibility in addressing the challenges faced by increased demand on natural resources and the impact of climate change.

We want to contribute to a more sustainable future as we move towards minimalizing our carbon footprint even further.

While we enjoy meeting our clients in person, we have been using Zoom and Teams as an alternative for “live” meetings, when opportune, long before covid. We are proud to have a paperless office, we all work hybrid, and strive to keep our work mileage to a minimum.

Our office building has high sustainability ratings with A++ energy label, a Breeam certificate and provides electric charging points for all our vehicles, which all comply with the highest European emission standards, Euro 6.

Working at Bridgewell Search & Interim

To further facilitate our growth we are constantly in touch with new possible collleagues. Bridgewell offers a growing and ambitious organisation with many career opportunities, trainings, coaching on the job, team work and an above average salary package.

We gladly invest time in getting to know ambitious professionals with a strong personality for the proverbial cup of coffee. Experience in search or interim is very much appreciated.

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