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Bridgewell is an acknowledged market leader in it's fields of expertise. It’s our solid belief that it takes a specialist to find executives and professionals. Bridgewell is this specialist.

Honesty and discretion

We are honest and discreet. Our methods are registered and approved by the "College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens" in The Hague. We adhere to the "Sollicitatiecode" of the NVP.


Bridgewell is an independent, non stock-quoted, organisation. We do not depend on the news of the day, our share price or intermediate financial or kpi reporting. Our focus lies with successfully helping our clients with the assignment on hand in a qualitative and lasting way.

12 years of successful track record

We have a proven successful track record. Since our start over 12 years ago we have realised over 700 successful placements. In 2016 and 2017 we have been voted one of the best executive search agencies in the Netherlands in the MT100 survey of Management Team.


Obviously the client is king. We however do not shy away from sharing our opinion or even discussing matters with our client if we’re convinced this will lead to a better end-result.

Relationally driven

Bridgewell is driven by relations and not by transactions. The better we understand our clients, the better we can help them.

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